Our Next Gathering

In Person: Sunday, December 10

10:30 AM

Streaming at 10:30 AM

Streaming: Sunday, December 10

10:30 AM

TRiBE Youth & Young Adults

TRiBE Youth & Young Adults is providing a safe place to disciple people and encourage growth to be More Like Christ within the church body, family life, and community life. TRiBE is about developing those who actively engage Christ in their world.  We do this through creating environments that will be engaging, by plugging students into fellowship with a community of believers, through teaching them the truth about who God is and who they are because of Him, and by partnering with parents to lead the next generation to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Center Pointe is dedicated to come alongside parents to help raise up your student in the way of Christ.  Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World through Worship, Fellowship, and Service!


Please contact Pastor Javier Rojas for more information, or with any questions or concerns. jrojas@centerpointecommunity.org