Reopening Guidelines

Hello, Center Pointe!

With are so excited to be gathering together again on Sunday mornings at 9 and 11AM. We will also be live on YouTube and Facebook at 11 AM (Note the time change). God has been so faithful over the last six months to help us navigate these days, and it will be good to be gathered once again – giving thanks and praise to the LORD, Jesus Christ! Thank you for your prayerful love and support over these months! While these have been challenging days, I see God’s handiwork all around! Let’s continue to proceed with caution, keeping the health and safety of others in our hearts and minds.
In an effort to move forward in the most faithful manner possible, we are asking you to carefully consider the following Reopening Guidelines as you prepare to come back into the building. We are asking that any and all individuals who plan to return to in-person worship at this time to do so in a manner consistent with these guidelines. If you are unable to practice these requests by our Reopen Team, we encourage you to take advantage of our Live Streaming option. We do not want anyone to go outside of the scope of their own safety or comfort level in order to return, nor do we want to put others at unnecessary risk. We believe that these guidelines will help us protect one another as we proceed with love and caution. Thank you for being mindful of others as you make your decisions about the timing of your return to our in-person worship gatherings. 
Along the way, please let us (Joan Tiller, Teresa Getz, Don Myers, Pastor Elissa, Pastor Greg and Pastor Dwayne) know if you have any questions! We look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

Center Pointe Reopen Team

Welcome Back, Center Pointe!
Details for coming back to in-person worship gatherings:

*When you arrive, please be mindful of those that have trouble walking long
distances – save the closer parking spaces for them!
*Make your way to the front entrance – these are the only doors that will be
*Family units (or the party that you arrived with) must stay together
throughout the course of the morning.
*Under the front canopy you will be greeted by volunteers who are there to
not only say “Hello” but to give you a mask if you do not have one, help
everyone stay safely distanced, and get you in line for check-in. Be aware
that you may have to wait a moment before going inside.  
*Once inside, follow the safe distancing stickers on the floor and make your
way to one of the check-in tables where you will sanitize your hands, revisit
our Reopening Guidelines and sign-in.
*After your party/family has signed in, you will be asked to stand on one of
the safe distancing spots behind the table and wait for an usher to seat
*If you have small children (ages 4 and under) and you are ready for them
to participate in the Nursery/Preschool Ministry, make your way to the
Journey Children’s desk to register your children. Please note that
everyone who enters the Journey wing will have their temperatures
checked, and only authorized personnel and children will be allowed in that
area until further notice. Once your little one is checked in, make your way
back to one of the safe-distancing spots behind the check-in tables as you
will be seated by an usher in the Worship Center.
*After you have been seated, please remain in your seats with your mask
on and limit walking around. If you need to use the restroom, the restrooms
in the Plaza are open. (Restrooms in the youth area are closed.)
*If the worship center reaches its safe distancing capacity, there is an
overflow section set up in the Plaza where the service will be live-streamed.
If you feel uneasy about being in the Worship Center with the larger crowd,
you can also request to be seated in the Plaza.

*At the end of the service, please remain in your seat until Pastor Dwayne
or another pastor instructs you to exit.
*Offering plates will be at each exit. The options to give online, by mail or
by drop-off are all still available as well.
*Everyone is asked to promptly make their way outside where you can
greet or converse with one another based on your level of comfort. It is
important to have everyone exit the building as soon as possible so that
custodial staff & volunteers can sanitize and prepare for the next

Please do not be overwhelmed with these procedures and don’t feel
the need to memorize them! When you are ready for in-person
worship, we will be here to safely guide you to your seat and make
your worship experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible!
We do ask for your prayers, patience and understanding as we work
our way through this process. We look forward to worshiping together with you and your family.

Center Pointe Community Church
Reopening Guidelines

*Practice Social Distancing:  Remain with your family unit while in
the building. Children must remain with their parents at all times
except when in their classrooms.

*No Physical Contact: Please respect others’ personal space;
including handshaking, hugs, kisses, etc. Stickers saying “NOT YET”
will be provided as an additional layer of precaution for those who
want to return but are anxious about others not observing the
guideline of “No Physical Contact.”  The stickers are in no way meant
to infer that “No Physical Contact” is optional.

*Stay At Home When Feeling Sick: If you have a temperature of 100
degrees or more, please stay home.

*Wear Protective Face Covering: Masks are to be worn inside the
church building at all times. This is currently mandated by Orange
County, Florida (Emergency Executive Orders 2020-12 & 2020-25). 
Masks, however, will not be required of children ages 4. Disposable
masks will be available if you do not have your own.

*Sanitize & Wash Hands Frequently: Hand sanitizer will be available
at the entrances – please use when entering and exiting the building. 
Also, please wash hands after using the restroom.

*Higher Risk Individuals Should Continue To Shelter At Home:
COVID-19 is often more severe in people who are older than 60 years
or who have health conditions like lung or heart disease, diabetes or
conditions that affect their immune system. If you fit into any of these
categories, you are considered to be at a higher risk. 

If you are unable to follow any of our Reopening Guidelines, there is still the option to worship with us via livestream on either YouTube or Facebook. Rest assured, once these guidelines are no longer necessary, the Center Pointe Family will be ready to receive you back for in-person worship!