Community Groups

Scripture Study, Prayer, Care, Fellowship, and Service Together

At Center Pointe, we believe that “doing life together” is important.  For this reason it is our hope that in the days ahead all that call Center Pointe “home” might find his or her place in a Community Group.

The primary focus of a Community Group is to connect folks with other like-minded individuals who can challenge and encourage each other along life’s way.  Ultimately, we believe being plugged into a Community Group will help us make great strides toward  becoming more like Christ in all of life.
A Center Pointe Community Group carries out five critical functions:

  • Scripture Study:  Growing in relationship through meaningful conversation based on Sunday’s message.
  • Prayer:  Spending time in prayer together.
  • Care:  Looking after each other’s needs through all the seasons of life.
  • Fellowship:  Spending time together having fun.
  • Service:  Gaining a hearing for the Gospel of Christ through authentic love and service to our community, city and world.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Church Office.

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