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Streaming: Sunday, September 19

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28 Days Of Prayer

Center Pointe Community Church
28 Days of Prayer: April 6 – May 3, 2020

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If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven,
and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7: 14

Day 1 – Monday, April 6: HEALING
For the divine healing of those who are suffering from COVID-19 and other illnesses that are threatening the lives of people, and for those who have recently lost family members or friends.

Day 2 – Tuesday, April 7: STRENGTH
For renewed strength for medical professionals and caregivers that are serving the sick and walking alongside the suffering.

Day 3 – Wednesday, April 8: MEDICINE
For significant breakthroughs in medical science and technology to produce safe treatments and vaccines to address COVID-19 and other diseases around the world.

Day 4 – Thursday, April 9: PROTECTION
For those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19: the elderly, those with compromised immune systems and those with pre-existing medical conditions that increase their risk of getting sick.

Day 5 – Friday, April 10: SAFETY
For the safety of those who are experiencing pain, tension, or abuse at the hands of those who live in their own homes – that all forms of abuse would cease in the name of Jesus!

Day 6 – Saturday, April 11: HOMELESSNESS
For homeless individuals and families in Orlando to be resourced with food, stable housing and new systems of care that resolve the current housing challenges in Orlando.

Day 7 – Sunday, April 12: WORSHIP
For our Worship Gatherings to prove faithful in proclaiming the life-giving Resurrection of Jesus to our world – encouraging our personal relationships with Jesus.

Day 8 – Monday, April 13: CONNECTION
For those who live alone and are experiencing loneliness due to physical distance from friends and loved ones – that they would find comfort in Christ and meaningful connection with others.

Day 9 – Tuesday, April 14: PROVISION
For business owners and workers who have lost jobs or wages and are growing fearful of their future stability.

Day 10 – Wednesday, April 15: IMMIGRANTS
For immigrants living in fear who are awaiting the next step for their legal status, for pastors who are leading immigrant-based congregations who are struggling financially and may not have access to stimulus funds; for families in home countries who rely on the financial support from workers in the US.

Day 11 – Thursday, April 16: LEADERS
For leaders in every nation and on every level of government – that selfless, wise leadership would seek collective wisdom that places a high-priority on the people they serve.

Day 12 – Friday, April 17: FAMILIES
For families adjusting to being at home together – giving spouses grace for each other, giving parents patience with children and giving families a renewed sense of love for one another; and for children, teens and university students feeling tremendous pressure and readjustments.

Day 13 – Saturday, April 18: HOPE
For those experiencing depression, feeling a lack of self-worth or dealing with suicidal thoughts – that they may feel and know the hope of Jesus Christ along with tangible love and support from family and friends.

Day 14 – Sunday, April 19: FREEDOM 
For those experiencing the addictive lure of drugs, alcohol, pornography, anger, food, gambling, sexual immorality and other vices that keep them from experiencing freedom in Christ.

Day 15 – Monday, April 20: SALVATION
For family members, friends and co-workers who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior – that the Holy Spirit will continue to draw them toward salvation and that they will soon respond to this invitation of eternal life in Christ.

Day 16 – Tuesday, April 21: REPENTANCE
For our own repentance from the sin that so easily entangles us in the midst of idle-time.

Day 17 – Wednesday, April 22: REST
For peace, calm and rest in the midst of anxiety and fear – that we may feel and know the love of God as we cast our cares on him.

Day 18 – Thursday, April 23: MISSIONARIES
For the safety and missional effectiveness of Nazarene Missionaries around the world and in our sister churches throughout the MesoAmerica Region – for Scott & Emily Armstrong, AJ & Chelsea Fry, and our other friends in the Dominican Republic.

Day 19 – Friday, April 24: SERVICE
For our hearts and eyes to be opened to the needs of others so that we may creatively meet those needs in the name of Jesus.

Day 20 – Saturday, April 25: BOLDNESS
For a spirit of boldness in proclaiming the Gospel to others through our words and our lives.

Day 21 – Sunday, April 26: FELLOWSHIP
For us to encourage and spur one another toward love and good deeds – praying for each other and maintaining a posture of generosity toward our church family.

Day 22 – Monday, April 27: VISION
For Center Pointe to discern the God-guided future that He has for us as we embrace our new normal as a church – embracing that which is hope-filled and life-giving while shedding that which prevents us from fulfilling the Great Commission.

Day 23 – Tuesday, April 28: UNITY
For the unity of Center Pointe as a church body and for the unity of believers throughout Orlando – unified around the hope of Jesus Christ for our city and her people.

Day 24 – Wednesday, April 29: ORLANDO
For a new movement of God to sweep across our city that transforms hearts and lives – changing the very fabric of the Church in Orlando to better reflect the selfless love of Christ.

Day 25 – Thursday, April 30: RESET
For each of us to reset how we have grown accustomed to doing life and to be open to the new rhythms of worship, fellowship, and service that God would have us embrace moving forward.

Day 26 – Friday, May 1: UNVEILING
For our hearts and eyes to be unveiled so that in clearly seeing the movement of God in our homes, our church, and our city, we might better align our lives with Christ and more faithfully work in his harvest field.

Day 27 – Saturday, May 2: TRANSFORMATION
For us to continue to seek the life of Jesus Christ so that He might continue to transform our hearts, lives, homes, and church to better reflect his heart for the lost.

Day 28 – Sunday, May 3: CELEBRATION
For a new outpouring of the grace and goodness of God – empowering us to praise God when the path of life takes us to the mountain top and when that same path takes us into the darkest valley.