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Streaming: Sunday, February 25

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21 Days – Hitting the Reset Button for your Soul

January 15 – February 4, 2024


Set aside intentional time to listen for God’s voice, to express praise to God, to confess sin, to offer thanksgiving, and to intercede on behalf of others. 

Daily Scripture Readings 
Monday, January 15th – John 1
Tuesday, January 16th – John 2
Wednesday, January17th – John 3
Thursday, January18th – John 4
Friday, January 19th – John 5
Saturday, January 20th – John 6
Sunday, January 21st – John 7
Monday, January 22nd – John 8
Tuesday, January 23rd – John 9
Wednesday, January 24th – John 10
Thursday, January 25th – John 11
Friday, January 26th – John 12
Saturday, January 27th – John 13
Sunday, January 28th – John 14
Monday, January 29th – John 15
Tuesday, January 30th – John 16
Wednesday, January 31st – John 17
Thursday, February – John 18
Friday, February – John 19
Saturday, February 3rd – John 20
Sunday, February 4th – John 21


Fasting gives us the opportunity to draw closer to God by eliminating distractions – food, entertainment, social media, sweets, unnecessary purchases, wasted time, etc. It allows us to reset our spiritual lives by remembering God and celebrating his goodness and love. Fasting helps prepare our hearts for a new season by calling us to new levels of trust and obedience. 

A Couple Options for Fasting – Choose what works best for you. 

During a “Complete Fast” you may completely abstain from food – drinking only water or light juices. Others may choose to completely eliminate a lifestyle choice (TV, Social Media, Phone Games, Etc) for these 21 Days. For both types of fasting, the goal is to set aside something that often distracts us and prevents you from hearing the voice of God, so we can use that time in prayer, scripture, rest, Godly conversation, helping others, etc. 

During a “Selective Fast” you may remove certain elements from your diet (sugar, soda, meat, fast food), fast a certain meal each day, or fast from certain lifestyle choices for a certain part of the day. The goal is not to simply abstain from something, but to open up time and space to better focus on God.